Learn how to use your creative gifts to make a soulful contribution to the world

Claim your calling & live a purposeful life "Gen1:28"

Hey, I'm Christine Naluzze

All the greatness and the good we desire is inside of us. God has given us the perfect gift of life to be fruitful, multiply and dominate in every aspect of life. So the opposite of despair is not happiness, it is "Purpose." That's God's ultimate plan for all humanity.

I wrote a book " Strength for tough times- how to thrive in the trying seasons of life" and I also host the WAKE - Women Awakened as Kingdom Entrepreneurs Community,.

I'm a Mother and Transformational Coach who specializes in supporting women to clarify their callings and step into their purpose to maximize their potential.

I didn't get here because I'm lucky but because I understand the principles of abundance and how to create a beautiful life by sharing gifts and passions with others.

Join me as I share with you how to stop the self-sabotage, step into your divine purpose and make a difference with your God-given gifts. The world celebrates your courage!


My Ultimate Goal Setting Guide


Download my Goal Setting Guide to accelerate, and activate your goals to fulfill your dreams.



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Your uniqueness

Learn how to use your uniqueness to create a Soulful contribution to the world, Your capacity to expand is limitless!

Online Course Creation Simplified

The Blueprint to creating courses the simple way so you can serve students all over the world.

Feeling Stuck?

10 Questions to get you out so you can reset your purpose, pursue your passion and happiness doing what you love!

8 Ways to Monetise your Passion or God-given Gifts

Learn how to leverage what you know so you can create income and impact.


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